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Video: Giuliano Cameroni climbs Hazel Grace sit (8c / 8c +)

In June 2021 Giuliano Cameroni managed the first ascent of the Hazel Grace sit boulder. This video shows the story behind the ascent.

Even professionals sometimes tremble when they exit bouldering

This video shows Giuliano Cameroni inspecting the 8c boulder La Rustica and how wobbly he gets out.

Video: Discover Ticino with Giuliano Cameroni

Giuliano is one of the most active developers of new bouldering and climbing routes in Ticino. In this video he introduces his homeland and shows what unbelievably great potential for first ascent the side valleys of Ticino offer.

Giuliano Cameroni flying high: first ascent Hazel Grace (8c / 8c +)

Giuliano Cameroni manages the first ascent of the seated start of the boulder Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass. Giuliano suggests 8c / 8c + as the level of difficulty.

Giuliano Cameroni: Fourth ascent of La Force Tranquille (8c)

The Swiss professional climber Giuliano Cameroni succeeds in the fourth ascent of the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille in Magic Wood.

Giuliano Cameroni climbs Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico

This video shows Giuliano Cameroni during the third ascent of the boulder Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico, Ticino. The line was first climbed by Jimmy Webb and repeated by the Italian Niky Ceria.

Giuliano Cameroni celebrates Off the Wagon sit (8c +)

The Swiss boulderer Giuliano Cameroni manages the fourth ascent of the sit-start version (8c +) of the ultra-classic Off the Wagon in Val Bavona.

Giuliano Cameroni climbs La Rustica (8c) in Val Bavona

The Swiss boulderer Giuliano Cameroni succeeds in climbing the spectacular boulder La Rustica, rated 8c.


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