Giuliano Cameroni manages the first ascent of the seated start of the boulder Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass. Giuliano suggests 8c / 8c + as the level of difficulty.

Summer was a long time coming, the snow lay in the higher elevations for a long time. No, he's still lying! After his successful forays into the Val Bavona and the Averstal drew the strong Ticino Giuliano Cameroni upwards. More precisely to the Gotthard Pass., The boulder was surrounded by huge masses of snow Hazel Grace, which Giuliano already climbed with a standing start.

Not only the scenery that Giuliano presented and made him rave about was perfect, but also the conditions.

The first day of the current season here at the Gotthard Pass. What a day! A huge mountain of snow enclosed the block made the atmosphere magical.

Giuliano Cameroni

2017 succeeded Giuliano Cameroni the first ascent of the Hazel Grace boulder, then in the standing start version. The 8c line was an old American project Dave graham. The complete line, with the seat start, remained a project. Until recently. When Giuliano arrived at the block, he looked at the individual moves again, rested for half an hour and climbed the boulder on the first attempt.

Giuliano Cameroni on the first ascent of Hazel Grace (sit, 8c / 8c +). (Photo Stefan Kurzi)
Giuliano Cameroni on the first ascent of Hazel Grace (sit, 8c / 8c +). (Photo Stefan Kurzi)

A great moment when everything was right. So awesome that I was able to climb all three lines that I tried the most in the past few years.

Giuliano Cameroni

Giuliano is unsure about the level of difficulty. The assessment is difficult because the boulder is very technical to climb and contains an extremely delicate heelhook. The line will be in the area 8c / 8c +.

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Credits: Cover picture Stefan Kiitzi