The Austrian Jakob Schubert gets the most out of a two-day trip to the Magic Wood. Despite the less than ideal conditions, he flashes The Never Ending Story (8b +), Voigas (8a), Octopussy (8a) and Jack's Broken Heart (8a) and climbs two more 8b + boulders and 2 x 8a +.

We already have that Ticklists of the Russian Vadim Timonov or the Japanese Ryuichi Murai reports that are very impressive. What is remarkable is the ticklist of Jakob Schubert not just the sheer number of heavy boulders that he climbs, but the flash walk on the Magic Wood classic The Never Ending Story (8b +).

Jakob Schubert shortly before leaving for the Magic Wood.

The 8b + Flash bouldering club

So far, only a few people have been able to climb a boulder in this difficulty level. The exquisite circle includes Jimmy Webb (Sky), Tomoa Narasaki (Decided) Or Adam Ondra to Jade. Jakob Schubert, for his part, already climbed a boulder in this degree flash in 2018: Catalan Witness the Fitness in the Cova de l'Ocell. The Austrian proves with his Magic Wood-Trip once again its outstanding performance on the rock.

The ticklist of Jakob Schubert's visit to Magic Wood

Jakob Schubert’s flash visit of The Never Ending Story and more

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Jakob Schubert while walking Off the Wagon

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Credits: Pictures Jakob Schubert