At the moment, the best climbers in the world are handing each other a hand in the Magic Wood. Camille Coudert has ended his two-week Avers trip with an impressive ticklist. Yannick Flohé is just getting started. And Anna Hazelnutt once again shows nerves of steel.

Let's start with an impressive dose of girl power. Anna Hazelnutt pulls the scary highball push the sky. The boulder with its micro holds and a crisp crux at a height of ten meters is actually exactly the thing for the American, who recently like hard trad ascents The Walk of Life (E9, 6c), Once Opon a Time (E9, 6c) or Quarryman attracted attention. The originally 7C rated highball in the Magic Wood but considers them to be notoriously undervalued. Your suggestion: 8A.

Coudert: After the trip is before the trip

The strong French Camille Coudert returns home from his two-week bouldering trip at Magic Wood with a long ticklist. At the same time, he found many new projects that made him want to come back.

Ticklist by Camille Coudert

Climbed a lot despite injury

Also the Basel climber Philip Geissenhoff stayed at the Magic Wood for a long time, a full three weeks. Unfortunately, he injured his foot shortly before the start of his journey and had to take a fortnight off. "It was frustrating at first because I felt like I was in pretty good shape just before the injury," he says. Fortunately, his form returned fairly quickly in the Magic Wood, allowing him to climb some king lines.

Despite a previous injury, Philipp Geissenhoff pulls difficult boulders in the Magic Wood. Image: Paul Zauner
Despite a previous injury, Philipp Geissenhoff pulls difficult boulders in the Magic Wood. Picture: Paul Zauner

Ticklist by Philipp Geissenhoff

From the European Championship straight to the Magic Wood

The German climbing pro is currently also enjoying the variety of blocks in the Magic Wood Yannick Flohe. After not being able to fully implement his sensational form from the current competition season at the European Championships in Munich, he moved to the Swiss bouldering Mecca. Once there, he immediately pulled two difficult boulders: power of now (8B+) as well Never ending story (8B+). We're excited to see what's to come.

yannick flea in the magic wood

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Credits: Cover picture Paul Zauner

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