It almost looks like a sermon when we emphasize that climbing is not just about the power of the finger. In today's post, Christoph Völker shows you a simple exercise to train your body tension and improve coordination.

A guest contribution by Christoph Völker - target10a

The starting position for this exercise is the push-up position. From there you raise one hand from the ground and rotate with the body, so that this hand is stretched to the sky. Without pausing, you slowly continue to rotate and catch yourself with the hand in the back support. Then you release the other hand and continue to rotate in the same direction until you're back in the push-up position. That was a repeat.

Now you can add more reps by simply rotating the same direction a few times. Or you rotate back in the other direction at this point and do the repetitions back and forth, so to speak.


Try to make two to four sets of three to five repetitions of the exercise each. In between, take a break of around two minutes each.


This exercise mainly trains coordination and body tension. In addition, the flexor muscles of the fingers and the shoulder and chest muscles are stretched.

Although the exercise is relatively easy, in the beginning you will have some problems in coordinating the whole thing. Therefore, even advanced and professionals should do the exercise every few months to master this exercise permanently.

This video shows the training exercise Push Up Rotation

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