As part of our yoga series, we present you with yoga exercises at regular intervals that are tailored to the needs of climbers. The exercises will be presented by Prana and Petra Zink. In today's issue, Petra shows you the pigeon exercise, which stretches your glutes and at the same time loosens the sacrum and lower back.

A guest contribution by Petra Zink - presented by Prana

In today's issue we focus on legs and hips. The subsequent exercise "pigeon" stretches the deep glutes of the bent leg and the groin of the straight leg. Also, she relaxes it sacrum are available as assessories. lower back. Anyone who practices this posture regularly will find that when climbing a higher entry and a further spreading is possible.

This is how the “dove” exercise works

Starting position: four-legged

  • Starting position: on all fours, feet touching the wall. Before doing so, bring the mat across the wall and put on a blanket if necessary.
Yoga_Starting position_vierfuesser_Petra-Zink
The starting position quadruped.

1st position

  • Starting position: four-legged
  • Pull your right knee behind your right hand, stretch your left leg far back.
  • Hold Position 1 for 5-10 breaths.
1 position

2st position

  • If the buttocks on the side of the bent leg are very high in the air, slide a blanket underneath to straighten the pelvis.
  • Hold Position 2 for 15-20 breaths per side.
  • At the end, get back on your hands, slide your right leg back and come into child's pose. Then repeat the exercise for the other side of the body.
  • Final position: child's pose.
  • Caution: For acute complaints in the lower back, hips or knee joints. If you have a strong hollow back, only practice the pigeon very carefully or not at all.
2 position

End position: child posture

  • If necessary, rest your forehead on your hands.
child posture
Final position: child's pose.

Variant: double dove

This variation is a particularly strong stretch for the hip rotators and glutes. The variant on the wall described here eliminates the tension in the hip flexor muscles.This variation is a particularly strong stretch for the hip rotators and glutesmuscles. With the variant on the wall described here, the tension of the hip flexion

Starting position: sitting with your legs up

Starting position: sitting with your legs up.

1st position

  • Starting position: sit with your legs up against the wall.
  • Stretch out your legs at the end. Then position the lower legs the other way around and repeat the exercise.
  • Duration: 7-15 breaths per side.
  • Final position: long sit.
Variant: double dove.

Final position: long sit

  • If necessary, place the pool on a surface.
long seated
Final position: long sit.

Book with yoga exercises for climbers

In the book “Yoga for climbers and mountaineers” introduces the yoga teacher, sports scientist and enthusiastic alpinist Petra Zink 54 selected yoga exercises that are dedicated to the stressed parts of the body of mountain athletes: wrists, shoulders, back, hips.

In our themed series we regularly present yoga exercises for climbers. Today we will show you which exercise can help you climb higher.

Readers from Germany and Austria can order the book here.

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About Petra Zink

Petra Zinc is a yoga teacher and sports scientist. She was a competitive athlete herself and has trained young athletes to Olympic champions. She is currently developing exercise and health concepts for tourism and business with a focus on yoga, health and mindfulness.

She lives out her great passion for the mountains with her husband in her adopted home of Carinthia and on trips through Europe and North America. The combination of yoga and mountain sports has increasingly developed into an attitude to life, she passes on her enthusiasm and knowledge in numerous workshops and yoga retreats (

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