As part of our yoga series, we present you with yoga exercises at regular intervals that are tailored to the needs of climbers. The exercises will be presented by Bächli Bergsport and Petra Zink. In today's issue, Petra shows you how you stretches your hip flexors with the lunge.

A large number of muscles pull over the hip joint, the excessive tension of which can cause blockages and restricted movement in the pelvis, lower back and leg area. Because the hip area is where our elimination and sex organs are located, there is a lot of inherent tension in this area. In addition, the amount of time that we spend in the actually unnatural sitting position is not intended for our body.

The following exercise stretches the relevant muscles and gives the hip joints a deep massage. And when the hip joint is free to move, it is also possible to climb high and far out.

Information on the lunge exercise

This pose stretches the hip flexors. The variant lunge with side opening (below) is a particularly deep hip opener.

  • Starting position: four-legged
  • If necessary, place a blanket under the back knee.
  • Raise your torso as you inhale.
  • Raise your arms on an inhale.
  • At the end, on the exhale, bring your arms down and push your leg back into the quadruped.
  • Duration: 5-7 breaths per position and leg.
  • End position: child posture
  • Caution: For acute complaints in the hip and knee joints as well as in the lower back.

Starting position: quadruped

Yoga for climbers quadrupeds

1st position


2st position


3st position


Final position

Yoga for Climbers Child Pose
End position child posture

Variant: lunge with side opening

This variant is a particularly deep hip opener.

  • Starting position: lunge position 1
  • Make a fist with your supported hand if necessary.
  • At the end, on an exhale, bring the arm down and push the leg back into the quadruped.
  • Duration: 7-10 breaths per side.
  • Final position: child's pose

Starting position


1st position

Yoga for climbers hip flexor stretch side opening

End position

Yoga for Climbers Child Pose

Book with yoga exercises for climbers

In the book “Yoga for climbers and mountaineers” introduces the yoga teacher, sports scientist and enthusiastic alpinist Petra Zink 54 selected yoga exercises that are dedicated to the stressed parts of the body of mountain athletes: wrists, shoulders, back, hips.

Readers from Germany and Austria can order the book here.

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About Petra Zink

Petra Zinc is a yoga teacher and sports scientist. She was a competitive athlete herself and has trained young athletes to Olympic champions. She is currently developing exercise and health concepts for tourism and business with a focus on yoga, health and mindfulness.

She lives out her great passion for the mountains with her husband in her adopted home of Carinthia and on trips through Europe and North America. The combination of yoga and mountain sports has increasingly developed into an attitude to life, she passes on her enthusiasm and knowledge in numerous workshops and yoga retreats (

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