Jimmy Webb tore multiple ankle ligaments in a fall this spring. The strong American seems to have survived the forced break resulting from this. He recently repeated Drew Ruana's test piece Insomniac (8C+) in Lincoln Lake and is definitely back in the game.

It's amazing how quickly professional athletes can recover from injuries. This spring, Jimmy Webb flew off a difficult boulder in Ticino and tore several ligaments in his ankle when he landed hard. During his first "walking attempts" on the rock at the beginning of June, he was already able to boulder 8A+ again. And now the American is already moving at the top level again, as his recent ascent proves: In Lincoln Lake he repeated the 8C + Boulder Insomniac.

The corpus delicti: Jimmy Webb injured himself on this block in spring 2022. Image: @patinaeater

High Season at Lincoln Lake

Insomniac, the 8C+ boulder that Drew Ruana first climbed on July 9, 2021, has recently been a coveted climbing destination. In addition to Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods also benefited from the falling temperatures in autumn. Finally, in the final friction traverse at the end of the boulder, he no longer melted off the slopers, Woods commented on his successful ascent.

Daniel Woods climbs Insomniac (8C+). Image: @dreamaliveproductions
Daniel Woods climbs Insomniac (8C+). Picture: @dreamaliveproductions 

"Insomniac is on the verge of 8C to 8C+, but I feel like it's harder than most of the 8Cs I've done in this style."

Daniel Woods

Drew Ruana on the first ascent of Insomniac (8C+)

Insomniac is made up of two parts: a maximally powerful ledge sequence and a very technical traverse on steep slopers. What Daniel Woods says about the level of difficulty is interesting: "Insomniac is on the threshold of 8C to 8C+, but I have the feeling that it is more difficult than most of the 8Cs that I have done in this style."

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Credits: Cover picture @dreamaliveproductions