The American Jimmy Webb announces the ascent of two difficult boulders in Ticino: Poison the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c).

Waited for several weeks Jimmy Webb with the announcement of the two inspections. But now he announces:

"Poisen the Well is one of the most ingenious lines out there and the rock is the finest!"

Jimmy Webb on the Boulder Poisen the Well

The line Poison the Well (8c +) was through just over a year ago Giuliano Cameroni first started. The line starts at the start of the Brione classic Pamplemousse and goes straight up.

Jimmy Webb planned the line with Giuliano Cameroni a year ago, but was not yet able to secure the inspection. It was different this year. He climbed in great shape Poison the Well as well as numerous other heavy boulders, including the seat start version of the Bavona classic Off the Wagon (8c +) and Roadkill (8c).

Jimmy already has five boulder problems in French grade 8c + and around 20 8c's on his account. Due to the global situation around the corona virus, he no longer climbs on the rock, but devotes himself to the finger board and is currently building a training wall at home.

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Video: Shawn Raboutou during the first ascent of the Boulder Roadkill

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Credits: Cover picture Giuliano Cameroni

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