The American Jimmy Webb does the second ascent of the Boulder Off the Wagon sit (8c+) in Val Bavona, Ticino. The boulder is one of the hardest lines in the world.

It's 2018, the bouldering season in Ticino is in full swing. Among the numerous climbers who make a pilgrimage to the south of Switzerland is the American Shawn Raboutou , At the center of his mission: the low-start version of the Val Bavona classic Off the Wagon (8b+). At the end of November, the first 8c+ boulder in Switzerland and one of the hardest lines in the world is born.

Since then, numerous strong climbers have tried the iconic line. For example, the strong Russian Vadim Timonov , who was close to the second ascent of the boulder. Not only close, but successful was a few days ago Jimmy Webb. With his ascent, he secures the second ascent of the boulder Off the wagon sit.

“After numerous sessions last year, I went home empty-handed and had to postpone the Swiss test piece Off the Wagon sit. This year my stay in Switzerland got off to a great start: I got the second ascent of the line. "

Jimmy Webb after climbing off the wagon sit in Val Bavona
Always part of a bouldering session with Jimmy Webb and his friends: A fan. (Photo Hannes Kutza)

The original line Off the Wagon was first ascended by the Finn Nalle Hukkataival 2012 and quickly became a classic. Originally rated 8c, the level of difficulty of the original line (standing start) is around 8b+.

Video of the solid ascent of Off the Wagon sit (8c +) by Jimmy Webb

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Credits: Cover picture mellow, additional pictures Hannes Kutza

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