German professional climber Yannick Flohé opens a new difficult line on the Dreamtime block in Cresciano. The first ascent called Return of the Dreamtime rated Flohé with 8C +.

Dreamtime is probably the most famous boulder in the world. The Swiss bouldering pioneer Fred Nicole opened in 2000 on the impressive block above the Ticino village Cresciano the first 8C boulder in the world. Today the block counts several famous lines such as Story of two worlds (8C) , The Dagger (8B/+) or the still rarely repeated line REM.

On January 31.01.2023, XNUMX, Dreamtime gained another pearl. Yannick Flohe started in the legendary Dreamtime line, then moved away to the edge on the right after the dynamic move.

«Return of the Dreamtime feels easy for 8C+, but compared to Dreamtime it's a different level. That's why I think my proposal fits."

Yannick Flohe

Ticino very popular with Yannick Flohé

Yannick Flohé seems to be feeling pretty comfortable in the south of Switzerland right now. About a week ago he cracked the 8C + Boulder Ephyra and started a few hours later From Dirt Grows the Flowers (8C) equal one on top. At the beginning of this week, Flohé was in Val Bavona, where him White shark (8B+) succeeded.

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Credits: Cover picture @jamiemourn