Today the campsite in the bouldering area Magic Wood opens its gates again. The parking spaces are only available to camping guests.

Next Saturday you can stay at Bodhi Camping in a tent or camper. If you want to stay at the campsite, you have to make a reservation in advance (via Form). The 49 visitor parking spaces are not available to day visitors.

If you only drive to the Magic Wood for one day, you have to use the public parking spaces.

Thomas Saluz from Bodhi Camping

The public parking spaces are located in the village of Ausserferrera and in the bulges along the main street. However, certain bulges are required as timber storage spaces and therefore remain blocked. The number of parking spaces is limited accordingly.

General rules for bouldering and camping

  • There must be a distance of four meters between the tents / campers
  • Pay attention to hygiene
  • Don't light a fire
  • Do not form groups (more than 5 people)
  • Further information can be found on site

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Credits: Pictures Prana / Vladek Zumr