It was impressive, what a ticklist us the Japanese Ryuichi Murai Presented at Magic Wood in early July (LACRUX reported). Jakob Schubert now publishes the list of the Walks during his Rockland Trips: 17 days stay, 55 Boulder 8a and heavier.

Yes, you have read correctly. That the Austrian Jakob Schubert We knew that there was electricity. But that he makes such short work of so many difficult bouldering lines, we would have believed that - but we never thought. "Because it was my first trip to this bouldering paradise, I wanted to see as many sectors as possible and not lose any time projecting super-hard boulders," Jakob comments on his list of 55 8-man boulders.

When an 8a looks like a breeze

The following video shows Jakob Schubert at the celebration of Black Velvet, an 8a boulder. It looks so easy somehow.

This boulder climbed Jakob Schubert in the Rocklands

If you want to find out more about Jakob Schubert's complete ticklist, you will find it here: Rocklands Ticklist by Jakob Schubert.

Credits: picture Ingo Filzwieser

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