Vadim Timonov was already in the Magic Wood (here) and albarracin (here) with his incredible ticklists attentive. This year's Rocklands trip begins in the usual manner: He ticks one heavy boulder after another. And as if that was not enough, he flashes an 8b boulder.

Announced after only five days in the South African bouldering area Vadim the ascent of the 8c Boulder Black Eagle Assis.

“Another dream line. One of the most beautiful boulders I have ever climbed! "

Vadim Timonov on the commission of Black Eagle (8c)

Vadim flashes the 8b-Boulder Hipster Whale

As if his tickleaf with eight boulders in the eighth French level, including two 8b + Boulder, would not be impressive enough, Vadim has the blast of the boulder hipster whale burst the bomb. After Quintessential and PFC is Hipster whale the third flash commit of a boulder in that degree for Vadim Timonov.

Explosive power and mental strength are needed in this boulder: Double or Nothing (8a + / 8b)

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Credits: Cover picture Nikita Tsarev


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