The Russian Vadim Timonov spent 15 days in the Magic Wood bouldering area and climbed 13 boulders in the eighth French grade, including an 8a + Flash and an 8c (LACRUX reported). We spoke with the 25 year old about his stay in Averstal.

What was the main objective of your trip to the Magic Wood?
I just wanted to climb as many hard boulders as possible.

Did your performance surprise you or did you specifically train for the journey?
Well, I was certainly surprised how well it went. But before the trip, I also really trained a lot and hard. In addition, I have chosen the time of my stay so that the conditions in the Averstal are ideal. I was quite lucky with the weather.

Vadim Timonov during the walk of Ill Trill in Magic Wood - Averstal
Vadim Timonov during the ascent of Ill Trill in Magic Wood - Averstal


Did you visit other bouldering areas in Switzerland?
Unfortunately, no. I wanted to travel on the classics Magic Wood focus. In addition, the conditions in the slightly higher Averstal were ideal.

After a few days, you injured your knee. What happened?
In many lines I had to make movements in the right knee. At a train in Practice of the Wild I concentrated too little on the movement in my knee and then it cracked (clearly audible just before the end of the following video).

But you still climbed on and scored heavy boulders. Was not it that bad?
For several days I could only climb thanks to painkillers. Towards the end of the stay it got better and better. I hope it's nothing serious.

Vadim Timonov on the commission of The Understanding (8c) and New Base Line (8b +)

What are your plans for the winter?
The focus is on training for the upcoming competition season and for projects on the rock. I often train in the hall. Some 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg there are opportunities to climb the rock. Of course, whenever I have time, I drive there.

In Switzerland, there are numerous boulder areas with hard lines for you. When are you coming back?
I have not fixed an exact date yet. But I will certainly come back, more than once.

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Credits: pictures Vadim Timonov

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