At the end of May 2020, Adam Ondra managed the first ascent of a new boulder at Holstejn in the Moravian Karst. For the boulder named Ledoborec, he gives the difficulty level 8c +.

Adam Ondra says frankly and honestly that the boulder is not the most beautiful line, but it would have motivated it because of its sheer difficulty and length. The line is a connection between an 8b boulder and the 8c boulder IcebergAdam climbed three weeks earlier.

Everything stands and falls with a knee clamp

The only decision about success was made alone knee Klemmer, which allowed Adam to rest for a few seconds. So he primarily worked on optimizing the knee clamp and maintaining it as long as possible.

Too little rest in the knee clamp means that I don't have enough power for the last section. As simple as that.

Adam Ondra

The Boulder Ledoborec is a whopping 28 puffs long and spans 9 meters. One could almost speak of a short climbing route. After only three days of project planning, Adam Ondra the first ascent of the line. The decision was - the knee clamp.

This time the knee clamp felt as solid as never before. Like on a sofa!

Adam Ondra

Video about Adam Ondra's inspection of the 8c + Boulder Ledoborec

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