Apparently everything fit together on the penultimate Saturday: Alexander Rohr scores Merlin et la Bête and Bloc à Robi SD (both 8b) in a single day.

"Cold, very windy and a tiny bit humid. The perfect conditions for me as I have super thick and dry skin, "comments Alex the inspections of December 8th, 2018. Especially on the second boulder, the external conditions suited him, as it is very heavy on the groin. "Every time I had a go on it, my fingertips just exploded on the very first try which meant game over. But not on saturday! All of a sudden it just turned from impossible in to possible. Especially the second boulder. I never thought to be able to do this sitstart since the good foothold disappeared, "says Alex enthusiastically.

Two classics of the city-center bouldering area Lindental

The Merlin et la Bête and Bloc à Robi SD are two classic lines from the Lindental near Bern. Above all, Merlin et la Bête has been visited and committed several times by strong athletes in the recent past. It was in autumn 2017 Nils Favrewhich extended its route book around the Boulder, and in January of the current year it was the Valais Théo Chappexwho managed the redpunk climb.

The famous Crusade of Merlin et la Bête in the video by Nils Favre


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Credits: picture Michael Steimle


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