Dylan Chuat, a young man from western Switzerland, manages the fourth ascent of the difficult Boulder Foundation's Edge (8c) in Valais.

Before the corona crisis started Dylan Chuat mostly found on plastic. As a member of the Swiss elite team, he often trained at the National Training Center. Due to the lockdown, Dylan was forced to go climbing more often. He climbed his first 8a + boulder on the rock pretty quickly and then let the performance curve climb quickly and steeply.

Five 8a Flash inspections and several 8b + in one session

This was followed by several flash inspections by 8a boulderers such as Dancer in the Dark, Chute fatale and 8b + Boulder, which he was able to climb in just one session. This brought the appetite for more, for a more difficult line.

I was looking for a boulder that would require more than a session or two to invest. I found what I was looking for in Foundation's Edge.

Dylan found what he was looking for in the boulder Foundation's Edge (8c) at Fionnay in the Valais. At the beginning of June, he started projecting the line. In the beginning, Dylan could climb very few trains at all. But his fourth session on the block was promising and gave him the necessary amount of stamina and motivation.

It was just four weeks later that the moment had come. Dylan climbs that of Dave graham started bouldering as the fourth person ever.

I have never been so happy about an inspection. I worked very hard for the ascent and it finally worked in less than 10 sessions!

Dylan visiting the Boulders Foundation's Edge

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Credits: Cover picture Remi Degenne