The 15-year-old athlete Oriane Bertone climbs the deep start version of the boulder Satan I Helvete and suggests 8c as a level of difficulty. This would make her the fourth woman to climb a boulder to this degree.

As with many other professional climbers, the Corona break did not seem to have been counterproductive for Oriane Bertone's climbing performance. Oriane climbs the deep start version of the boulder with absolute ease Satan I Helvete in Fontainebleau high (see video below).

Satan I Helvete is one of Dave graham first commenced line, the Oriane climbed in a low-start version - after a grip break in 2013, by the way. Should repeaters confirm the grade, Oriane would be only the fourth woman in the world to climb an 8c boulder. Details about the boulder can be found here.

Satan I Helvete was a long-term project and is the first 8c boulder in my career.

Oriane Bertone

Fourth inspection of an 8c boulder by a woman

Before Oriane, only three women were able to climb a boulder on 8c difficulty. It was with Horizon at Mount Hiei in Japan Ashima Shiraishiwho first bouldered 8c four years ago, followed by Kathrin Lehmanns Inspection of the boulder Kryptos at Morchelstock in Switzerland in 2018. At the beginning of the year it was the 13-year-old (!) Japanese Mishka Ishi who, as the youngest woman, climbed a boulder to this degree: Byaku-dou on Mount Hourai.

Oriane Bertone inspecting the boulder Satan I Helvete (8c, low start)

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Credits: Cover picture Oriane Bertone