On August 19 and 20, 2017 IG Magic Wood is organizing the 8th Clean Up Day in the Magic Wood bouldering area together with Bodhi Climbing & Gasthaus Edelweiss. This year there will also be a charity bouldering event for the benefit of ClimbAID. For two days the bouldering area will be cleared of rubbish and money will be collected for the benefit of Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

After the Clean Up Day has been a complete success with up to 100 voluntary helpers over the last few years, the organizers are expecting numerous voluntary helpers again this year who want to ensure a green and clean climbing area. In addition, this year, along with the ice climbing scene, the ice falls will be scrutinized and cleared of rubbish. This action is intended to sensitize the climbing scene and the locals to pay more attention to nature. When the work is done, they boulder together and celebrate with live music at Bodhi Camping with a barbecue and party.

Charity Boulder Event with ClimbAID

A new charity bouldering event will also be held this year, at which the organizers will collect money from ClimbAID for a climbing aid project in Lebanon. With the bouldering mobile "A ROLLING ROCK", ClimbAID has been bringing movement, joy and color into the dreary life of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in the Bekaatal since mid-August. This also extends the entire event to two days. The organizers are looking for sponsors who support the participants with an amount per boulder climbed. The money “climbed” flows entirely into the ClimbAID aid project.

Also, on this day, for those who want, as in the past leggings climbed and awarded the best outfit.

Help, celebrate and enjoy in the Magic Wood

The organizers call on people to show the community and the wider population that climbers care about the environment. The organizers conclude their announcement with the call: “Come on 19./20. August 2017 over in the Averstal to help, celebrate or simply to enjoy the atmosphere. "

Credits: Images Eddie Fowke

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