The Austrian, Jakob Schubert, is once again attracting attention with the commission of a difficult route: he manages the first repetition of the Neanderthal Route (9b) in Santa Linya, Spain.

"Dyno done!" With these words begins Jakob Schubert the public statement about the successful ascent of the 9b route Neanderthal. “On the first day on this dream route with its 115 trains (!!) I thought it would take a while before I could manage to get through,” Jakob continues. This year's high-flyer made very rapid progress and scored the route on the sixth day in the Spanish climbing area Santa Linya. “After I made the key point, I pretty much had to keep my nerve. This is not to be underestimated on such a long route. But when you get to the diverter, the feeling is all the more overwhelming, "says Jakob happily.

This video shows Jakob Schubert in the key position of the climbing route Neanderthal


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Magnus Midtbo and Adam Ondra unsuccessful

The route Neanderthal was 2009 by Chris Sharma first came and resisted since a repetition. This, though sizes like Magnus Midtbo and Adam Ondra worked on the route. The following video shows a huge departure from Adam Ondra during one of his attempts.

Second Chris Sharma route within a few weeks

At the beginning of December, Jakob was in Spain and planned a famous Chris Sharma route. It was then El Bon Combat (9b / +) in the Cova de l'Ocellthat the Austrians undertook. After the climb Jakob praised the route, but said, it would probably rather than heavy 9a + classify. Then Chris Sharma also spoke up. More about this story is available in the following post.

Jakob Schubert manages the first repetition of the Sharma route El Bon Combat (9b / +)

Credits: Cover picture Javi Pec, Jakob Schubert in El Bon Combat


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