Alexander Megos wrote climbing history four years ago when he was the first to climb a 9a onsight. Yesterday he announced the second onsight ascent of a route in the same degree: Tito Claudio Traversa (TCT) in Gravere.

The route Tito Claudio Traversa is a combination of the two existing lines L'extrama Cura and Base Jump in the Italian area Gravere. First time was the combination of Stefano Ghisolfi in the year 2014. Interestingly, the route has already witnessed an onsight visit. It should come as no surprise that Adam Ondra succeeded.

No scheduled 9a onsight visit

Apparently, Alex's onsight-style ascent of the route was not planned well in advance, but rather a coincidence. Stefano Ghisolfi's car, with which Alex was traveling, broke down, which is why the two joined another Italian climber and drove to Gravere. There, Alex spontaneously decided to try the Tito Claudio Traversa onsight route. With success. His comment: “OOPS I DID IT AGAIN! When people ask if I can onsight 9a I would say "no". I never felt at a level where onsighting 9a felt in reach. But total I started to realize that I might be able to get to that level! What a great day at Gravere where I after more than 4 years did my second 9a onsight! What a feeling! "

Alexander Megos in the key position of TCT

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Stefano Ghisolfi at the first ascent of Tito Claudio Traversa in the year 2014

Alexander Megos at the first ascent of Fight Club

Unfortunately, there is no video of the onsight inspection in Gravere to date. But the recently published video of Alexander Megos visiting the first 9b in Canada is also worth seeing.

Credits: Picture Alexander Megos


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