Once more, someone ventured to the test piece by Beat Kammerlander on the Voralpsee, Speed (8c + / 9a). The Austrian Alex Luger climbed a few days ago the stamina hammer above Grabs in the canton of St. Gallen.

The sport climbing area Voralpsee gained notoriety in the 90-years, as Beat Kammerlander routes like Speed (8c + / 9a) and Missing Link (9a) first started. As far as the evaluation of speed is concerned, the minds are different. Cédric Lachat climbed speed in the year 2011 and extended the route to 5 climbing meters. All in all, according to Cédric Lachat, this results in an 9a, as the line opened by Beat Kammerlander is already a board-heavy 8c + and easily rated 9a in other areas. American Jonathan Siegrist, who climbed speed in 2014, confirms 9a's degree for Cédric Lachat's increased speed. Dani Benz and Nico Favresse, as Marcel Dettling writes in a post, seem to have a different opinion.

But actually we would like to pay tribute to Alex Luger's ascent and not engage in a discussion about difficulty levels. Chapeau, Alex!

Jonathan Siegrist in Speed ​​at Voralpsee

Credits: picture Alex Luger

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