After a boulder accident in the year 2015 and 489 days of hard training, Bernd Zangerl is definitely back on track again. He climbs one of the hardest Trad routes in St. Gallen's Murgtal: Into the Sun (8c +).

About one and a half years ago, as is often the case, Bernd Zangerl made his way to Ticino. He was working on a heavy project in Cresciano, until he slips off a grasp and makes an exit. Only a few days later, it turns out that he contracted serious injuries in the neck area.

A lot of stamina and will asked

All of a sudden Bernd was a different person, could no longer hold his own body weight by grips. An irritating feeling for everyone, but even more so for an athlete who climbed at the highest level for 25 years. But Bernd couldn't be stopped. His latest project was his recovery. And he took this project seriously. Apparently serious enough, at the latest since the inspection of Into the Sun He proves himself and the climbing world that he is damn fit again.

Trad route first arrived in the Murgtal

The murgtal is known to most as a bouldering area. Thus, Bernd Zangerl's latest creation is also a mixture of highball boulder and Trad route. With 8c + belongs the line Into the Sun to the heaviest Trad routes worldwide.

Bernd Zangerl in the Trad route Into the Sun in the Murg Valley

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Credits: picture Ray Demsky


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