From June 22nd to 26th, 2021, four international competitions will take place at the IFSC Austria Climbing Open in the outdoor area of ​​the Innsbruck climbing center. There are live streams here.

Competitions in all disciplines take place in Innsbruck (lead, bouldering, speed and paraclimbing). So far, all four disciplines have only been carried out at world championships, so the extensive event in Innsbruck is a novelty in the 32-year history of the World Cup. A total of 600 athletes and team officials from 38 nations will be at the start.

We have an experienced team when it comes to organizing events. Our big plus is the infrastructure, this is the only way we can cope with the event with this enormous number of participants.

Heiko Wilhelm

All international top stars are at the start of the IFSC Austria Climbing Open. Czech superstar Adam Ondra, Slovenia's figurehead Janja Garnbret and the Japanese Tomoa Narasaki and Kokoro Fujii will fight for the top positions in Innsbruck. For Germany, the two Olympic contenders are among others Alexander Megos. and Jan Hojer at the beginning. Switzerland is traveling with 14 participants, including with Petra Klingler and Sascha Lehmann.

IFSC Austria Climbing Open program

Tuesday, June 22nd 2021:
09:00 a.m .: Paraclimbing World Cup, qualification women & men

Wednesday June 23rd 2021:
09:00 a.m .: Lead World Cup, qualification women & men
18 p.m .: European Speed ​​Cup, qualification women & men
20:15 p.m .: European Speed ​​Cup, finals women & men *

Thursday June 24th 2021:
09:00 a.m .: Bouldering World Cup, qualification women & men
18 p.m .: Paraclimbing World Cup, finals women & men *

Friday June 25th 2021:
10:00 a.m .: Lead World Cup, semi-finals women & men *
20:00 p.m .: Lead World Cup, Women's Final *
21:00 p.m .: Lead World Cup, Men's Final *

Saturday June 26th 2021:

10:00 a.m .: Bouldering World Cup, semi-finals women & men *
18 p.m .: Bouldering World Cup, final women * 
20:15 p.m .: Bouldering World Cup, men's final *

All live broadcasts are available here

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