A few days ago Jakob Schubert surprised with his incredible double success in Siurana. He scored King Capella (9b / 9b +) and La Capella (9a + / 9b) in one day. Now he announces again the ascent of two extremely difficult routes on one climbing day: He scored Jungle Speed ​​(8c + / 9a) and flashed Furia de Jabali (9a + / 9b).

Our editorial team has not been able to calm down for a few weeks. The reason for this are the two top climbers Jakob Schubert and Alexander Megos.. They climb pretty much any difficult route they can get under their fingertips. Both of them got the Capella trilogy, consisting of the routes, within a very short time King Cappella (9b / 9b +), La Capella (9a + / 9b) and Furia de Jabali (9a + / 9b).

In addition to this trilogy, both climbed numerous other routes in the upper eighth and lower ninth French degrees, such as Alexander Megos with his first ascent of Kulebras Gemelas (9a). Jakob Schubert on his part surprised with his double ascents. First he cracked King Capella and La Capella on a single climbing day and now he announces the flash ascent of Jungle speed and the red point ascent of Furia de Jabali - again within a day.

I still had a few days here in Spain and was able to achieve my ultimate goal of scoring all routes> 8c in the sector during my nine day trip. I am particularly proud of the flash ascent of Jungle Speed ​​and the fast ascent of Furia de Jabali.

Jakob Schubert

This video shows Schubert's first double success

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Credits: Cover picture Jakob Schubert