Swiss climber Marco Müller manages the red point ascent of the Dave Graham classic Coup de Grâce in Val Bavona, Ticino.

As early as February we headlined "Marco Müller soaring". At the beginning of the year, the young climber from Schwyz climbed numerous boulders in the eighth French grade, including Vecchio Leone (8b) in Brione. Still in Ticino, but now on the rope, caught up Marco A red dot ascent of the 9a route Coup de Grâce a few days ago.

"Difficult moves, technical and with numerous heelhooks and the famous Egyptian, the route is just fantastic!"

Marco Müller about Coup de Grâce in Val Bavona

The route Coup de Grâce was 2005 by the American Dave graham first started and has since been considered one of the most beautiful gneiss routes in the world. It is accordingly popular with strong climbers. The Italian secured himself in March 2019 Marco Zanone inspection of the route.

A month later it was the American Sean bailey, who stopped in Ticino before the World Cup in Meiringen and scored the route. The Swiss also succeeded in April 2019 Dimitri Vogt the Coup de Grâce passage. 

Video: This picture shows the ascent of Coup de Grâce

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