Adam Ondra has focused on the Bohemian Rhapsody route, among other things, since the corona loosening in his home country. Success did not come as quickly as expected.

In the latest edition of his video series, Adam Ondra takes us to the climbing area Roviste near Bohemia, where he tries to climb the Bohemian Rhapsody route. The route, 22 meters long and overhanging around 25 degrees, consists of a series of numerous difficult points and results in a cumulative 9a +.

The belief in going through is not lost

What Adam Ondra was up to with the route was clear. He wanted to climb them as quickly as possible. He knew the route from previous attempts far back. After checking out the key sequences, he started serious experiments. Before he could get through, however, he had to invest more than he expected. See for yourself.

Adam Ondra in the route Bohemian Rhapsody (9a +)

The following series shows Adam Ondra climbing the route

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