The young Swiss climber Philipp Geissenhoff succeeds in the red point ascent of the route Im Reich des Shogung (9a).

So far have been on the 9a route In the kingdom of the shogun only the climbing greats in the Basler Jura Eric Talmadge, Adam Ondra and Alex Megos successful. The history of the route goes back a long way, to the late XNUMXs to be more precise.

In 1987 Eric Talmadge set up the route. It took a full 13 years until Eric was able to get the shogung to go through the first free ascent. In 2001 the line was still one of the few 9a's that existed and so it was traded behind the scenes as 9a +.

First repetition in 2005

It took another eight years for the then 16-year-old Adam Ondra to repeat the route within three days. His conclusion: In the realm of the Shogun there is a hard 9a. Another eight years passed before another great climber, the German climber Alexander Megos, got on the route. Within just one day and in light rain, he climbed the route red dot.

Philipp Geissenhoff planned Shogun back in 2019

Route in front of Geissenhoff's doorstep

In the realm of the Shogun is located in one of the most popular areas of the Basler Jura, not far from the village of Dornach. The place where Philipp Geissenhoff grew up. It is no coincidence that Philipp dogged the route a few years ago.

Almost exactly two years ago, Philipp was accompanied by Actiontalk TV while projecting in Shogun. Since then he has not let up. With success. A few days ago, the Basel resident managed the fourth ascent of the route.

The ascent is a milestone in my climbing career.

Philipp Geissenhoff

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