In Basel you can not just celebrate carnival, go swimming in the Rhine, in the Zolli (the Basel Zoo) or live through the museum night. No, even climbers will get their money's worth in Basel and the surrounding area. Here is a selection of climbing spots in easy to medium difficulty.

A contribution by Hannes Ebding - Bächli Bergsport

With proud 300 sunny days a year you might think Basel is in Tuscany. It does not do, but it does not matter. Located in the border triangle Switzerland, Germany and France, the city has much to offer and is an ideal starting point for climbing tours.

Pelzli - exposed climbing in the 6. Difficulty

Thumbs up for the pelzli! And in the truest sense of the word: The "big thumb" can be exposed in the 6. Climb the difficulty level. But this is only one of six limestone-shaped sectors. The sectors are located in a haunted landscape with caves, caves and blocks. There is a new look behind every corner and there is much to discover. The simpler routes are already a bit greasy and worn, which, given the choice, possibilities and atmosphere should not bother us. Whether crack, wall, intersection or fireplace - there is something for everyone. Definitely worth a visit.

+ + The topo to the area is in the climbing guide Plaisir Jura ++

Schauenburger Fluh - Sinter, handle, holes, pliers and sloper

So close yet so far. If you turn around while climbing in the Schauenburgerfluh, you will see the Alps in good weather - which inevitably makes every climbing heart beat faster. And the Romans probably did, because at the top of the river they built a temple, which is not only popular with climbers. But enough in the distance. Back to the topic: Climbing! Yes, you can do that here. And how! Wall height: sporty 35 m. Rock: lime. And what a! The sintered structures feature handles, holes, forceps handles and slippery slopers. There is variety. Absolutely "attack" should be the "Angensteiner intersection" and the "stalactite tear".

+ + The topo to the area is in the climbing guide Plaisir Jura ++

Schartenfluh (Gempen) - technical climbing in compact rock

If you let your gaze wander in Basel, you will see the limestone walls of the Schartenfluh in the distance. And if you are still a climber, you will not be able to avoid the spell and soon you will be able to put on your finches on the compact rock, which is criss-crossed with holes and hourglasses. On the Sandührliwand you can enjoy the year round over beautiful technical Lochkletterei. And if you have exhausted yourself, you will find a nice restaurant directly above the climbing area with a great view over Basel. And there is an even better view for a franc from the Gempenturm. And if that is not all there are more than enough great reasons to hitchhike for gempen, it should be mentioned that not far from the observation cockpit with telescope can set up a highline (Bohrhaken available). Just be careful: the restaurant owner does not understand fun - so it's better to park in front of the restaurant along the street.

+ + The topo to the area is in the climbing guide Plaisir Jura ++

Todtnau (swimming pool rock) - the perfect combination of climbing and bathing fun

From Basel it is not very far in the southern Black Forest. Just over the border and in just under 50 minutes you are already in Todtnau on Schwimmbadfels - a top equipped climbing. Although you are not necessarily protected from the sun everywhere, you have the outdoor pool right under your feet. Climb first and then take a bath - that's how you get pleasure. And as if that were not enough, the Waldeck Inn with its sun terrace invites you for obligatory refreshment afterwards. And if that still is not enough, you can still take the via ferrata, which is partly exposed, but never really difficult meanders through the vertical gneiss walls, in the hands. And last but not least as a climbing tip - "Black Jack"! The absolute classic in the area. Most beautiful strips in the vertical with a cool view of the outdoor pool.

+ + The topo to the area is available in the climbing guide Schwarzwald: Band Süd ++

Albbruck - via 130 routes

Albbruck - another pearl in the southern Black Forest. Even the enchanted trail along the rippling Alb towards the rocks makes the journey rewarding. But at the latest at the sight of the imposing gneiss walls you will almost inevitably catapulted into the sport climbing sky. Smooth, beautifully structured rock, blocky and edgy and up to 30 m high. The hook distances are plaisir pure and thanks to the high canopy and the cool river, it can be well here in the summer. And with 130 routes there is something for everyone. In the 5 area "Steinbeisser" and "Goldfinger" are a must. And if it is allowed to move a bit faster (editor's note: speedy as "pull"), then "Lineatus" and "tailwind" should definitely be attacked.

++ The topo to the area is in the climbing guide Plaisir Jura ++

gueberschwihr - Climbing the red colorful sandstone

As we learned at the beginning, Basel is in the tri-border region - and then there may be "Naturellement" a French climbing area is not missing. Gueberschwihr is a romantic wine village, surrounded by beautiful vineyards. The lovely ambience of the village immediately gives rise to relaxed climbing. And next to the lime in the Jura, the gneiss in the Black Forest, here now joins red colorful sandstone. Cracks, holes, ledges, honeycombs and cradles - all that Sandstone has to offer is united here. And in addition there are plenty of boulder blocks, which are hidden in the forest. Who dominates an 6b, should dare in "Ben Chloe", a crack to Piazen. And if it gets too queasy, you can even set up top ropes here and there.

++ The topo to the area is in the climbing guide Plaisir Jura ++

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