In the past few weeks, we have received an above-average number of reports about inspections. Philipp Geisenhoff opened a new difficult route in the Basler Jura, Alexander Rohr and Dylan Chuat each scored two 9a's, Katherine Choong climbed a difficult MSL tour and Yannick Flohe flashed an 8b boulder.

The perfect climbing conditions in October and the end of the competition season resulted in numerous reports of success from the rock in the past few weeks.

The two Swiss Alexander Rohr and Dylan Chuat had 9a fever. Within just two weeks, Rohr climbed the Meiose routes at Charmey and Finite Infinity in the Bernese Oberland, while Chuat drew a line under the Gimmelwald Alpine Bitter and Jungfrau Marathon routes.

Dylan Chuat inspecting Alpenbitter in Gimmelwald

Katherine Choong: Difficult multi-pitch route climbed

A route with a lower level of difficulty, but with more air under your feet, is “Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau” (8b max, 300m). Katherine Choong from French-speaking Switzerland has taken the free ascent of the route at the Paroi du Duc in the Verdon Gorge.

What a line. Every single pitch is absolutely fantastic.

Katherine Choong
Katherine Choong during the ascent of Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau de Vache (8b max, 300m). Image (Tara Kerzhner)
Katherine Choong during the ascent of Une Jolie Fleur dans une Peau de Vache (8b max, 300m). Image (Tara Kerzhner)

Philipp Geisenhoff: First ascent on the Falkenfluh

A third Swiss is also well on the way: Philipp Geissenhof. He manages the first free ascent of Cry of the Falcon on the Falkenfluh. Geisenhoff rates the extended line with an 8c +.

I am very happy that I managed the first free ascent of this iconic line on the Falkenfluh. It is the most difficult route in the area to date.

Philipp Geisenhoff

The route Cry of the Falcon is an extension of Thinking Fingers, an old project by Matthias Werner.

Yannick Flohé in a boulder flow

While the Swiss colleagues are on the rope, the German Yannick Flohé concentrates on maximum strength pulls on the bouldering blocks. After a trip to the French bouldering mecca Fontainebleau with ascents like Dune or The Traphouse (both 8b +) it went to the Austrian Maltatal. Once there, Flohé made short work of the area's classic, the flat iron (8b +), and on the same day climbed the 8b boulder The Power of Goodbye. The next day, Flohé went one better and secured a difficult flash ascent in the case of Wrestling with an Aligator (8b).

Yannick Flohé inspecting the iron

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