Anak Verhoeven is unstoppable: In Rodellar, the Belgian manages another 9a+ route with No pain, no gain. The Frenchman Marine Thévenet is also doing well at the moment. She boulders in Fionnay Compass North (8B+).

Already in September enjoyed Anak Verhoeven at the rock diversity of the Spanish climbing area Rodellar, With No bread, no gain (9a +) she began to project a route that felt very challenging and at the same time feasible for her. She recently made it through.

"I had an encouraging first go, but fell just before the roof exited," says Anak Verhoeven. The second red point attempt then sat despite suboptimal conditions. “I was focused, but not as nervous as when I tried it the first time. When I reached the end of the crux, a good rest point brought relief and gave me the energy for the last difficult bouldering point. »

Video: Anak Verhoeven in the crux of No pain, no gain (9a+)

After breaking the grip: solid 9a+

As far as the rating is concerned, Anak Verhoeven holds back with the comment that this is always very relative. In No pain, no gain, however, a handle broke out in the summer of 2020, which made the key point even more difficult. "I don't know how it was before, but the route seems to me to be a solid 9a +," Verhoeven sums up.

"I don't know how it was before the grip broke, but the route seems to be a solid 9a + to me."

Anak Verhoeven

Marine Thévenet climbs Compass North (8B+)

The Frenchwoman Marine Thevenet always attracts attention with the ascent of hard boulders. She recently succeeded in Fionnay Compass North. The 8B+ boulder was created last spring by Clément Lechaptois opened.

Marine Thévenet in Compass North (8B+) in Fionnay. Picture: Clément Lechaptois

The line has been burned into her memory since Clément Lechaptois first climbed it. Recently she was able to free the strongly overhanging groin line. "I am very grateful that Fionnay is so close to home that I have the opportunity to try such hard and beautiful lines."

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Credits: Cover picture Andreas Harnisch