While the icicles are already hanging from the blocks in the Magic Wood, top conditions prevail in the boulder areas south of the Alps. From now on, the new and completely revised Bouldering Chironico is available. The work contains 600 new issues and 10 new sectors. Also new are the topos of Altirolo, Sobrio and Gribbiasca.

A contribution by Nora Scheel - Bächli Bergsport

While in the German-speaking part of Switzerland the snow slowly comes to rest and the skis are taken out of the cellar, there are excellent conditions for bouldering south of the Alps. Because on the beautiful Ticino gneiss, it must be cold, so the grip is really good. Ticino offers countless top areas. Next Chironico and Cresciano In Brione in Valle Verzasca the camping spots are already scarce on nice weekends. And Avegno in the Maggia Valley, with its numerous lighter lines, offers a paradise for "Plaisirboulderer". In winter, depending on the snow and the temperature, you can move from the higher and slightly further north to the lower elevations. While Chironico and Brione quickly get snow, which can then persist, it is much sunnier and warmer in Cresciano and Avegno.

The Boulder Dreamtime made Ticino world famous

Ticino became internationally known around the turn of the millennium with the first ascent of Dreamtime in Cresciano. The West Swiss Boulder Pioneer Fred Nicole, who also contributed significantly to the development of the Ticino boulder areas, opened with Dreamtime the world's first 8c boulder (later devalued due to a chipped grip on 8b +). The new level of difficulty attracted numerous athletes and made Ticino a top spot on the international boulder scene.

In the following years, the areas in the south of Switzerland became more and more popular. Since then, countless other problems have been cleaned and climbed. In addition to new lines in existing areas, newer areas have emerged, such as Val Calanca (in the nearby Italian-speaking part of Graubünden), Val Bavona or Sobrio.

Remo Summer in Big Kat 8B + in sector 101 - Chironico
Remo Summer in Big cat (8b +) in sector 101 - Chironico. (Image David Tomlinson)

Chironico for the third

The third edition of the Chironico guide is now available. Measured by the number of problems, Chironico is probably the largest bouldering area in Switzerland. Spread over the slopes around the homonymous village, it offers problems in all styles and levels of difficulty. The second issue of 2009 already received 1'500 issues distributed across 27 sectors. In the meantime, 10 have created new sectors and 600 new lines. In addition, the third edition also contains the topos of the areas Sobrio, Altirolo and Gribbiasca. Sobrio, which lies a little further south on the other side of the valley of Chironico, was known until recently mainly for sport climbing. First of the Nalle Hukkataival 2007 first-time Boulder Ninja skills (8b +) drew attention to the area. Altirolo and Gribbiasca are newer areas just south or north of Chironico.

Here you can buy the Chironico Boulder Guide

The Chironico Bouldering Guide, which also includes topos from the areas of Sobrio, Altirolo and Gribbiasca, is now available Bächli mountain sports available, For all German and Austrian readers who drive over the San Bernadino: In Chur there is a branch of Bächli Bergsport, in which her the new Boulder Bible from 18.12.2017 buy can.

Chironico Boulder
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Bouldering guide Chironico - Now available at Bächli Bergsport
Bouldering Chironico - Now available at Bächli Bergsport

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Credits: picture David Tomlinson, Text: Nora Scheel - Bächli Bergsport

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