Warming up when bouldering is important. However, if you are out on the rocks, this is not always easy due to the limited possibilities. Transianer Michel has a lot of experience with bouldering and gives tips for warming up outside.

A contribution by Michel from Transa Backpacking AG

The morning in the Blattiswald is still pleasantly cool and Michel is looking forward to today's bouldering spot at Lake Lauerzersee. As soon as we arrive, our thoughts turn to warming up: «When we arrive near the climbing rock by train or car, we usually have to walk a bit. I always take one there plasticine ball hand to warm up my fingers."

“Warming up is a very important part of any sport. But this is particularly important when climbing, because fingers are sensitive to stress.»

Michel, Trainee Transa
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Warm up properly: mobilize joints

Arrived in the bouldering area, the material is first laid out. After that, Michel begins to mobilize his joints. This means: move your wrists, elbows, arms, ankles, knee joints and hips in circles in both directions for 20 to 30 seconds each.

Then Michel takes it fitness band, to warm up his muscles and tendons: «I do this for about 10 minutes. There are a lot of exercises, the best way to do this is to watch videos online.»

Video: Warm up on the rock - Five tips from Transa

Warm up your fingers: slowly increase the load

Next comes that hangboard his turn: Michel begins to strain his fingers on different holds on the hangboard. First with his feet on the ground until he feels a little warmer and then without his feet on the ground. The hangboard can also be easily hung up outside, for example on a stable tree trunk.

build finger strength
With the mobile hangboard, your fingers can be prepared in a controlled manner for the upcoming loads when climbing. Image: Rainer Eder

Video: This is what Adam Ondra and Anak Verhoeven's warm-up routine looks like

Finally, he practices grip surfing. That means: keeping your feet on the ground, walking along the rock and using as many handles as possible. If you still feel cold afterwards, simply repeat individual steps - for example with the fitness band or the fingerboard. A bit of stretching is also part of Michel's routine out on the rocks.

Mobile hangboard
Portable hangboards come in different sizes. Image: Rainer Eder

Ready for the rock

When you tackle the rock, it is important not always to start with the difficult boulder routes, but to take things a little more comfortably at the beginning. And if it has a bar on an easy route, for example, that doesn't feel good under the load, you should be careful here and rely on your gut feeling. After all, it is also about avoiding injuries.

Warm up properly for bouldering
A solid warm-up routine can minimize the risk of injury when climbing. Image: Rainer Eder

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Credits: Cover photo: Rainer Eder