Another 9a + first ascent for Will Bosi: Brandenburg Gate Climbing

Another 9a + for Will Bosi: Brandenburg Gate

The Scot Will Bosi is unstoppable. It was only just under a week ago that he succeeded in the first ascent of the 23-year-old Mutation (9a +) project in the Raven Tor climbing area. Now he announces another first ascent with the same level of difficulty: Brandenburg Gate. The video of the inspection can be found below in the article.

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First 9b route in the world? Will Bosi in an interview about mutation Climbing

Will Bosi in an interview: Is mutation even 9b?

A few days ago the Scotsman Will Bosi succeeded in repeating the Mutation route in the Peak District. This is the first repetition of the route since Steve McClure's first free ascent 23 years ago. Will Bosi upgrades the route in terms of difficulty. Once again the question arises: Do the history books have to be rewritten?

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Rocktober: 9a's fall like the leaves Climbing

Rocktober: 9a's fall like the leaves

In the past few weeks, we have received an above-average number of reports about inspections. Philipp Geisenhoff opened a new difficult route in the Basler Jura, Alexander Rohr and Dylan Chuat each scored two 9a's, Katherine Choong climbed a difficult MSL tour and Yannick Flohe flashed an 8b boulder.

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