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Improve your shoulder stability

The table is a simple yet effective exercise that improves your shoulder stability and stretches your chest muscles.

Stefano Ghisolfi reveals the secret of his endurance

This is how Stefano Ghisolfi is training for his three big goals in 2024: Olympic qualification, Silence (9c) and Burden of Dreams (9A).

Training despite an annular ligament injury

Ring ligament injury: In this video, Dave MacLeod explains what an adapted training session on the bouldering wall can look like.

Next Level: This is how you crack the 7th degree

Get ahead where there are a lot of climbers queuing: With these professional tips you can make the jump to the 7th degree.

This climber has stronger fingers than Ondra, Bosi and Midtbo

Allison Vest has finger strength that is second to none. Even top climbers like Ondra or Bosi can no longer keep up.

Better dynamic climbing | Pro tip

No more dynamo frustration: With this exercise from top athlete Shauna Coxsey you will get better at dynamic climbing.

Adam Ondra: “Spraywall training brings the best transfer to the rock”

Training tip from Adam Ondra and Magnus Midtbo: Why 99 percent of all climbers should train on the spray wall.

Does stretching before climbing training hurt your performance?

Today we have clarity: Does passive stretching before climbing training improve performance or does it even harm performance?



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