Who climbs often, should think about a compensation training. Otherwise, injuries and bad posture threaten. Christoph Völker from target10a introduces Butterfly today to the rings.

A guest post by Christoph Völker from target10a.com

For the butterfly exercise, set the rings at about hip height. Then you grab the rings and step back about a meter. For the starting position, you lean on the rings with your arms stretched out and your body stretched out. From this position you try to slowly move your hands outwards and lower your body between the rings. When your chest is lowered to about the level of your hands, reverse the movement back up. Always concentrate on the chest muscles. Look for a good one body tension and on slightly bent arms to protect the elbows.

So you vary the difficulty of the butterfly

The difficulty of exercise can be strongly influenced by the ring height and the distance between the heels and the rings:

  • lower rings -> the exercise becomes more difficult
  • the heels further away from the perpendicular of the rings -> the exercise becomes more difficult
  • the more horizontal the body in the starting position, the harder the exercise
  • the more your arms are bent, the easier the exercise will be

Execution - this is how it works

Try two to three sets of eight to twelve repetitions each. In between, you take a two-minute break.

That's the effect of the butterfly

Posterior deltas, trapezius, rhomboid muscle, prostrate muscle, small circular muscle
This musculature benefits from the butterfly

The butterfly on the rings is an antagonist exercise for climbers, in which, in addition to the front shoulder muscles, the chest muscles in particular are trained. The chest muscles are usually only slightly stressed when climbing. The muscles involved here are essentially:

  • Large pectoral muscle (pectoralis major muscle)
  • Shoulder muscles - anterior part (deltoid muscle)

In addition, a certain body tension is necessary for the exercise. But you will not get any better with this exercise. However, it helps you to maintain a muscular and healthy body and prevent typical malpractices.

So does the training exercise Butterfly on the rings

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Credits: picture & text Christoph Völker von target10a.com

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