The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki is one of the strongest boulderers in the world. In this video he reveals how to best hold the underhand grip and what to look out for when using the underhand grip technique.

You love them or you hate them: underhands. They are based on the principle of pressure and counter-pressure and are therefore a challenge, especially for beginners. But depending on the size and position of the underhand grip, this can also be a challenge for experienced climbers. In the following video, the Japanese climbing professional reveals Tomoa Narasaki Four tips to improve your underhand grip technique:

  1. tense core muscles
  2. Do not raise your shoulders while exercising
  3. wrist in a neutral position
  4. Power comes from your legs

Video: Tomoa Narasaki's Technique Tip: Hold Underhand Grips

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Credits: Cover picture Tamy Climbing Channel