Stefano Ghisolfi, who not so long ago was still on the most difficult sport climbing route in the world, swaps a climbing rope for a crash pad. In Chironico, he tries his hand at one of the world's hardest boulders: Alphane (9A), guided by Shawn Raboutou, who was the first to climb it.

Go new. This motto has changed Stefano Ghisolfi during his stay in Ticino as part of the Red Bull Dual Ascent. First, the pro climber, who has been on the rocks for 20 years, makes the very first multi-pitch route of his entire climbing career at the Verzasca Dam. And then between qualifying and the final he also tries his hand at bouldering and tries the most difficult line in the country. Like the strong Italian in the boulder alphanes (9A) makes you very much in the following video.

Video: Stefano Ghisolfi becomes a boulderer and tries Alphane (9A)

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Credits: Cover picture Nicolo Conterno and Diego Borello