At the beginning of February, the Czech Martin Stranik stayed in Switzerland for a few days. During his trip he climbed different hard boulders.

Martin Stranik started the year 2020 with the first ascent of a 8c boulder in his home country, Czech Republic. He opened the boulder in the Moravian Karst after five days of working on the boulder Iceberg . Just two weeks later, he did another the first ascent of the roof boulder Cyklone (XNUMXb +).

5 boulders with a difficulty of XNUMXa+ and harder

When they arrived in Ticino, the 29-year-old didn't wait long to inspect them. Within two hours he succeeded in inspecting Casavino (8b +) in Brione. The boulder was made by Giuliano Cameroni and Nalle Hukkataival opened in 2018, On the day of Casavino's ascent, Martin Stranik also climbed the 8a classic Entwash in the second attempt.

“Brione is one of the best bouldering spots in the world. And the future belongs to Val Bavona! "

Martin Stranik raves about Ticino

On February 7th and 8th, Martin concentrated - with success - on the boulder sitting and standing start boulder Primitive, On the first day he deciphered the standing start (8b), for which he suggests 8a + as difficulty. The following day, the seat start version, which is rated 8c, also works.

“Ingenious line, heavy and powerful trains. Exactly my style! "

Martin Stranik on the inspection of the Boulder Primitivo in Val Bavona

Martin Stranik inspecting the Primitivo boulder

At the end of his stay, Martin wanted to climb the most famous block in the world, Dreamtime in Cresciano. While it didn't work out with the Fred Nicole boulder , he successfully climbed The Kingdom (8b+/8c) in Brione.

The Kingdom was first ascended by the American Carlo Traversi in 2013 and originally rated 8c. Later it was rated as a soft 8c or even 8b+. The difficulty will be around 8b+/8c.

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Credits: Cover picture Vladek Zumr