Once again, the Swiss boulderer Giani Clement announces a highlight. He succeeds in committing Practice of the Wild (8b + / 8c).

The Grisons Giani Clement leaves one cat after another out of the bag. Only recently did he communicate an inspection from the spring. In April he succeeded in his long-term project The Never Ending Story (8b +) in the Aver Valley, Only a month later, his ticklist was an onslaught of Practice of the Wild richer. Only a few days ago he publicly communicated this commission.

Practice of the Wild became 2004 by the American top climber Chris Sharma first came and was at that time one of the first 8c-Boulder. Since then, the line climbed all that has rank and name, including Nalle Hukkataivalof which is the following video.

Nalle in the practice of the wild

Practice Of The Wild (8C) from ZeroSkillz on Vimeo.

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Credits: Cover Picture Giani Clement

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