The Ticino Giuliano Cameroni manages the first ascent of an old project in the bouldering area of ​​Brione. The line rates Giuliano with 8c + and gives her the name Poison the Well.

Anyone who has ever been to Brione knows the block on that Giuliano Cameroni Poison the Well climbed. With its beautiful rock carvings and the famous Pamplemousse boulder, it is a popular destination. The line that Giuliano climbed is not untouched either: "I tried the moves decades ago and it's great that the boulder was finally climbed," comments Bernd Zangerl.

Poison the Well: Second 8c + Boulder in Switzerland

It was the American at the end of last year Shawn Raboutouwho opened the first 8c + Boulder in Switzerland. He succeeded in November the Committed the low-start version of the classic Off the Wagon in Val Bavona, A little less than three months later, the 21 year-old commits Giuliano Cameroni the second boulder in this level of difficulty. “It worked after eight days of planning. What a wonderful overhanging block with its powerful and precise features ”, Giuliano describes the ascent.

Worldwide, only Burden of Dreams and No Kpote Only are heavier

Although there are more and more 8c + Boulder worldwide, they are still rare. The most famous and latest 8c + lines are Creature from the Black Lagoon, Hypothesis assis, Sleepwalker, La Révolutionnaire, Und The Finnish Line, where last one has already been devalued. More difficult, so 9a, are only two boulders worldwide: Burden of Dreams (Nalle Hukkataival) and No Kpote Only (Charles Albert).

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Credits: picture Paul Robinson


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