Around five months after the two-part boulder was inspected The Never Ending Story (1 + 2) the German Leon Fraunhofer gets an inspection of the three-part line, which is rated 9a.

The year started promising for the young climber Leon Fraunholz, In February he climbed The Dagger (8b / +) on the Dreamtime block and came in April The Story of Two Worlds on the same block on it. In May, the conditions pulled him into the Magic Woodwhere he part of 1 and 2 of The Never Ending Story (8b +) climbed.

Leon takes the three-part line The Never Ending Story in attack

As Leon the first two parts of the Chris Sharma He was soon able to climb into the third part, too.

"When I started doing attempts from below in August, I quickly realized that I had to climb the 1 two parts very quickly and efficiently in order not to be too flat for the last part."

Leon Fraunhofer about The Never Ending Story (1 + 2 + 3)
Leon Fraunhofer in the last part (with rope) from The Never Ending Story, (Photo by Elias Arriagada Krüger)

It took him awhile to get the efficient unwinding of the first two sections. A total of six times fell Leon Fraunholz in the upper part, once even at the final mantle. All the more was the joy of the 19-year-old, when he was able to score the three-part version, first by Peter Würth, in mid-October 2019.

In one of his attempts Leon fell from the final coat The Never Ending Story. (Picture Elias Arriagada Krüger)

Leon Fraunhofer on the ascent of The Never Ending Story 1 + 2 + 3 (9a)

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Credits: Picture material Picture Elias Arriagada Kruger