The Belgian Simon Lorenzi again manages to climb an extremely difficult boulder: Big Conviction (8c +).

The block with its famous line The Big Island and Soudain Seul did it to the Belgian Simon Lorenzi done. Lorenzi has already spent countless sessions on this piece of rock Fontainebleau, because it was Lorenzi who first climbed the boulder Soudain Seul (8c + / 9a).

"I was very nostalgic and really missed this place and the things I experienced there."

Simon Lorenzi

Luckily, there was another tricky and unchallenged sit start on the same block as Soudain Seul's line, giving Lorenzi a reason to once again spend a lot of time at this location that is so important to him.

“It was much more than just climbing for me. I relived the passion, energy and fun moments in good company.”

Simon Lorenzi

Very concretely Simon Lorenzi a combination of the sit start of the boulder Conviction and the exit from The Big Island. The greatest difficulty of the first section is right at the beginning, away from the first train. From a relatively small underhand grip and almost non-existent kicks, it goes wide left to a good ledge and from there in three to four moves to the ramp of The Big Island and that line's familiar exit. Simon Lorenzi rates this new combination with 8c+ and gives it its name Big Conviction.

The following video shows Simon Lorenzi inspecting Conviction sit, i.e. the first part of his new line, but without exiting via The Big Island.

Simon Lorenzi at the sit start of Conviction

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Credits: Cover picture Arthur Delicque