Two days ago, the young Japanese Ryuichi Murai managed the first ascent of the Boulders Launch Pad Project on Mount Mizugaki. He suggests 8c + as a rating for the short and strong line.

We usually headlines in connection with Ryuichi Murai of his impressive ticklists after bouldering trips in Magic Wood or Tessin. However, the 27-year-old had to invest far more attempts for the boulder that he now opened. A year ago he published videos that show the intense and explosive moves on small handles. Since then he has tried his hand at the line again and again. His compatriot too Tomoa Narasaki planned the line - it was a head-to-head race for the first ascent of one of the most difficult boulders in Japan.

Highly complex sequences

"Last day, best day" for Ryuichi Murai

Shortly before the park closed, Ryuichi Murai put an end to his long-term project and opened one of the most difficult boulders in Japan: Launch Pad Project (8c +). The ascent demanded everything from Murai, physically and mentally the project planning phase was extremely exhausting, the nasty but correspondingly good conditions were no walk in the park and his fingers were badly injured due to the sharp granite handles. But the huge effort has paid off.

"The feeling of standing on the block after a successful ascent is indescribable!"

Ryuichi Murai

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Credits: Cover picture Ryuichi Murai