The Belgian Simon Lorenzi did not hesitate and climbed another difficult line in Magic Wood: Power of Now (8c). And even in a direct variant.

After the successful ascent of the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille announced Simon Lorenzi on, next the spectacular boulder power of now wanting to climb. Just four days later, this difficult boulder is also in the sack.

Due to his size, Simon had to change the beta completely and climbed a direct variant of the beta of the first climber Giuliano Cameroni. The result is the Power of Now direct line (8c).

I used two sharp underhand grips underneath the roof and then jumped straight to the ledge on the original version. This solution is physical and brutal to the skin!

Simon Lorenzi
Simon Lorenzi jumps out of the two underhands directly onto the bar by the roof. (Picture Samuel Tuor).

The Boulder Power of Now is already very spectacular in its original version. Simon Lorenzi's solution is even more impressive with the move in question.

Three dynamic jumps in a row make Power of Now one of the craziest and most powerful bouldering I've ever climbed.

Simon Lorenzi

Direct beta of the boulder Power of Now

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Credits: Pictures Samuel Tuor, Videos Nicholas Tomkins