The Dutchman Tim Reuser succeeds in repeating the Boulder Power of Now (8c) in Magic Wood in a very short time. He devalues ​​the boulder to 8b +.

Equipped a little over a week ago Tim Reuser pay a visit to the Averstal. His main goal was the ascent of one of the most impressive lines in the Magic Wood: power of now. The overhanging roof contains several spectacular, dynamic trains in a row.

Climbed in record time

For a long time Power of Now did not oppose the Dutchman. After about an hour, the planning was over and the inspection was done in the sack. This also led Tim Reuser to devalue the boulder to 8b +.

The boulder was created by the Ticino a year ago Giuliano Cameroni first got there and has been attracting strong guys ever since.

Tim Reuser climbed this boulder during the 4-day trip

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