In the latest edition of his video series, Adam Ondra shows a heavy boulder being walked on a bridge pillar. The Exhumace line (8b) was first started in 2002 and has not been repeated since.

Adam Ondra is currently training in speed climbing, a discipline that is not particularly suitable for him. The opportunity to climb outside again was great Adam do not miss it.

For once, however, he didn't go to a well-known bouldering or climbing area, but to Hustopece, near his hometown Brno. In 2002, in the South Moravian wine town, Ivo David made the first ascent of a cool urban bouldering line on a bridge pillar, which had caught Adam Ondra's attention a long time ago.

“This is the most ingenious and beautiful boulder I have ever climbed. That may sound strange because it is artificial and on a bridge pillar, but it is so. The boulder is simply unique and the movements are super beautiful. ”

Adam Ondra after ascending Exhumace (8b)

After a few tries and different footwear Adam Ondra shortly before the end of the year the 8b boulder in approach footwear.

"I was able to climb the line better with the approach shoes than with climbing shoes."

Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra on the second ascent of the Urban Boulder Exhumace (8b)

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Credits: Cover picture AO Productions