The Russian professional climber Vadim Timonov rushes through a climbing area once again and presents an impressive ticklist - and a video with the ascents.

Normally in the summer months we report regularly on the success reports of the climbing professionals from the South African bouldering paradise Rocklands. But the world is still not in a normal state. Corona continues to have a firm grip on us. So only a few went on a trip to South Africa. So Vadim Timonov and his entourage.

Vadim Timonov during the ascent of the 8c boulder Petrichor. (Image: Juliet Leonova)
Vadim Timonov during the ascent of the 8c boulder Petrichor. (Image: Juliet Leonova)

The strong Russian, recently with gaudy blue hair, was in the south for almost a month and was already successful on the very first day. He managed to climb what is probably the most impressive boulder in South Africa: The Finnish Line (8c). Incidentally, he also topped the same day Strategic balance (8a) and Moon shadow (8b), so to speak for dessert.

I climbed most of the boulders in the first two weeks, after which I was completely over.

Vadim Timonov

He kept the level high for twelve more days of climbing and diligently collected difficult bouldering pearls. The balance of his trip:

  • The Finnish line (8c)
  • Spray of light (8c)
  • Petrichor (8c)
  • Amandla (8b +)
  • Oliphants dawn (8b +)
  • Shaky warrior (8b +)
  • The Guest list (8b, flash)
  • moon shadow (8b)
  • Monkey business (8b)
  • Gogoan (8b)
  • Strategic balance (8a)
  • Dave tongue degresser (8a)
  • Purple Nipple clan (8a, flash)
  • In between dreams (8a)

By the way, Timonov cracked the majority of the boulders during the first fourteen days. After that, even his energy level slowly but surely went down.

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Credits: Cover picture Juliet Leonova