The Russian climber Vadim Timonov manages a difficult first ascent in his home country. With Low Priora (8c / +) he climbs the hardest boulder in Russia.

Vadim Timonov lets hear from you once again. The last time the 27-year-old caused a stir with his incredible ticklist after his trip to Ticino. After a few days he had the 8c boulder Dreamtime and The Kingdom in the sack and made short work of 8b + and 8b bouldering (LACRUX reported).

On a discovery tour in his home country

The world has changed since he was in Switzerland. Traveling to distant destinations is a rare commodity, and many professionals are all the more active in their home country. So too Vadim Timonov. After a mudslide in 2017, numerous bouldering blocks were in Djan Tugan which are now being explored by Vadim Timonov, among others.

In this area he now managed to climb the boulder Low priora, which he rated 8c / +.

The boulder consists of 17 powerful moves, including bad underhands, and is heavily overhanging at 65 degrees. It's probably the hardest boulder I've ever climbed.

Vadim Timonov

The blocks are distributed in this region

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